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Nothing  Gets Done Without Collaboration!



the action of working with someone to produce or create something.

We all intuitively know that nothing gets done without collaborations. yet many entrepreneurs fall into the false belief that being an entrepreneur means 'making it' alone!

A well equipped online community with the relevant tools  and resources of, for and by entrepreneurs who collaborate or want to- is the perfect solution to fix the specific problem and many  other underlying ones which may exist because of that first false premise.

To make it possible for self-monitoring expertly skilled entrepreneurs to easily, efficiently , affordably and quickly get visible and real results from collaborating with their peers.

To make purposeful collaborating among similar-minded entrepreneurs a naturally occurring business activity. 


Josie Aberdeen

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You  Shall Get Stuff Done! 

People are Talking......


Systems Strategist and Side Gig Mentor to Speakers, Coaches, and Consultants


I was launching a new coaching program in my business. I struggled with the finding a way to connect with other women business owners to help build  a network of entrepreneurs I can work with and refer to my clients for services I do not offer. 


 My goal was to get help with a few of the remaining tasks for my launch, but I did not know anyone personally that I could collaborate with to get them completed. Josie has created an organized database of women business owners that are professionals and skilled in services that any business owner would be able to use.


Josie is very organized, she kept us focused as a group and managed the individual projects continuously ensuring that everyone was on schedule or had some type of accountability regarding project completion dates and results.

Josie provided instructions regarding using the project management tools and she asked me specific questions to find out exactly what my expectations were for the project. I told her my vision for the tasks I wanted to complete, and she provided suggestions on the business owner in the group would be able to help me and how long the task would take to get completed.

Working with Josie was a pleasure. Working with her you can expect professional, friendly and technical knowledge of the best practices for setting up projects. She is prompt and communicates often to provide status updates along with document drafts for the projects up for review.

Josie is a professional, I was very impressed with her responsiveness and her ability to ask and answer questions. She is very friendly and very creative. I was impressed with her ability to ask questions and make suggestions to ensure the projects were completed to satisfaction and as successful as possible.